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It's after the concert, and Chuckie and Lil are finally confronting a certain issue involving them. Will they end up together, or will they decide that their passionate moment was only that; just a passionate moment?

"The thing is Chuckie… I really like you." Lil confessed to the red-headed male next to her.
Chuckie's jaw had dropped a bit and his eyebrows were raised, his widened eyes blocked by his glasses. But Lil could see the shock on his face. She couldn't wait for his agreeing reply.
At that moment though, he started to laugh, and not in a good way; he was laughing at what Lil had said in the cruelest way possible. His voice got louder as he laughed, more voices suddenly kicking in around them, even though no one else was there.
The ground beneath her began to shake, as if now the actual planet itself was laughing at her. And suddenly…
"KABOOM!" Lil yelled, as she fell backwards, tossing papers into the air, and landing onto Kimi's bed.
"The entire Earth explodes!" she said.
She looked up, and saw Kimi at her desk chair, her eyes lowered at what her friend had told her, looking bored.
"You realize that you're being a bit overly dramatic at this, right Lil?" she asked her.
"And I'm really stressing the 'bit' part." she told her.
Lil sat up straight.
"That could very well happen, Kimi!" she told her, pointing.
Kimi rolled her eyes.
It had been two weeks since the concert date, and while the whole group was still the talk of the town, they stayed out of the center of attention, not wanting to let their fame go to their heads.
The issue at hand though, was an incident that had happened during the rescue mission; Lil and Chuckie's kiss.
Neither of them had confronted the issue yet, but they wanted to do so, but neither of them wanted to make the first move.
Kimi had asked Lil what would happen if she told Chuckie exactly how she felt about him, and she had just finished telling her story. Of course, Kimi knew what Lil was saying was ridiculous.
"Look," Kimi said "I know Chuckie, and he won't laugh at you finally telling him how you feel."
"If anything, I bet he'll be very happy if you do" she added with a smile.
Lil nodded, but slouched a bit.
"I get where you're coming from Kimi, but this is really hard to finally confront." she said "I've known Chuckie for so long, and what with all that we've gone through, it's just so crazy!"
"The kiss was great, but I only did it because I got caught up in the moment."
"So many things went through my mind when we were on our way to the warehouse; the way Chuckie had blocked all his fear with anger on what happened to you, and all we've done over the years, from the day we first met to our 'wedding' that Angelica organized," she went on, using air-quotes "and the feelings finally overtook me and I took the upper-hand."
She supported her head up with her hands, leaning forward more.
"And, well, I know you won't like hearing this, but; that night when we got back from the concert, I didn't coincidentally fall asleep next to Chuckie just because he was close when we both fell asleep on the floor; I made sure it happened." she told her.
She sighed, smiling.
"And, well, the feeling of my head on his broad chest…" she started dreamily.
"After all, let's face it, ever since he started lifting those weights, he's been getting bigger and stronger." she mentioned.
Kimi nodded, but her eyes were still glazed over, looking bored even though this fact was true; Chuckie had started lifting weights around the same time he had started drumming in the band. He realized that his arms felt lighter after lifting weights, so he was able to play faster and had gotten more flexible.
"Well," Lil said "I just felt so content that I never wanted that night to end, he just looked so sweet when he slept."
Lil sighed again, smiling. Kimi sat up straight and snapped her fingers to get Lil out of her trance.
"Look" Kimi said to her friend, leaning forward a bit "I'll admit, I'm a bit on the fence having to talk about this issue, as you're my best friend, and you're talking about my brother in such a romantic way, but I know how you're feeling."
Lil looked at Kimi and shook her head.
"But, this isn't like when you and Tommy got together, Kimi" she told her "Tommy didn't have a clue what was coming when you finally told him, but he liked you all the same."
"But Chuckie and I both know what happened, and while we both may have liked it, what if that moment was just it and nothing more?" she asked.
She pulled her hair and fell back again.
Kimi smiled sympathetically.
"Deny it all you want, but I do know what you're going through, and how you feel" she told her "you're afraid of rejection, and with that, you're also afraid that it will ruin over ten years of friendship, not just between you two, but for the whole group." Kimi told her, but then she smiled once again.
"But I can tell you now that he won't reject you, and I promise you that you won't have anyone to get in between you two to try to get you guys to break up, thus nearly breaking the whole group apart, like Tommy and I had."
"So…" she stretched out the word.
She shrugged then.
"The only people standing in between this happening is you two." she finished.
Lil sat up, and smiled again, this time not in a loving daze, but in determination.
"You're RIGHT!" she said, standing up.
"I'm not going to let this issue pass me by" she declared.
Kimi smiled and stood up as well.
"You go, girl!" she told her.
They both high fived.
Lil's smile faded a bit.
"So… when did he say he'd be back, again?" she asked.
Kimi shrugged.
"He just said he'd be home 'later', so I don't know when…" she answered.
"And, where did he say he was going?" Lil asked.
Kimi bit her lip.
"He didn't say…" she replied.
Lil groaned again.
"So, I guess we've got some time to kill, huh?" she asked.
Kimi nodded, sitting back down. Lil sat back down as well.
Kimi smiled giddily.
"So, tell me more about this 'wedding' that you two went through?" Kimi asked, using air-quotes like Lil had.
Lil giggled a bit.
"Well, it was years ago, before you were in the group, and Angelica had been a flower girl at some wedding that day," she started "she heard both Chuckie and I say 'I do' after Tommy asked if we wanted to play hide and go seek, so she told us that since we said that, that we needed to get married then."
She blushed a bit.
"And I gotta tell you; I was all for it!"
Lil went on, Kimi laughing a bit, the stress finally leaving the air, unbeknownst to them, that it had moved to a house not so far down the block…


"Ugh, this is just so crazy Tommy!" Chuckie moaned out, slamming his face down onto Tommy's desk.
He and his best friend were at Tommy's house, in his room, doing the exact same thing that Lil and Kimi were doing; talking about the stress of the issue at hand.
"How do I tell her that I liked what went on and that we should be together without having to say it that way?" he asked.
Tommy shrugged.
"Who's to say that you can't say it that way?" he asked, sitting on his bed as he strummed his guitar.
Chuckie groaned.
"Because that sounds too pushy, and you know that's not my style" he replied.
Chuckie pulled on his long hair.
"God, this is so confusing and frustrating!" he said
Tommy smiled and laughed a bit.
"Now you know how I felt" he told him.
Chuckie turned around and glared at him.
"How many times are you going to hold how I was against me?" he asked.
Tommy smirked.
"Until I get bored with it" he replied "And that hasn't happened yet!"
Chuckie rolled his eyes.
"Seriously though, Tommy; what should I tell her?" he asked.
Tommy set his guitar down and leaned back, supporting himself up with his arms, and thinking. He kicked his legs as he went deep in thought.
"Well, from what we all saw, she was the one who took the initiative, but I can tell you Chuckie, it was the thrill of the situation that made her do it" he thought aloud.
Chuckie nodded in agreement.
He sighed again.
"But now there's so much I want to tell her" he said as he leaned back.
Tommy leaned forward.
"Like?" he asked.
Chuckie span around slowly in Tommy's desk chair.
"Well; the way I felt when she kissed me" he brought up.
He stopped the chair from spinning, facing away from Tommy and looking out the window.
"In that one brief moment, Tommy, all my fear and anger melted away and I felt so happy that I almost forgot why I was so angry in the first place."
Tommy laughed silently. Not in mockery, but in sympathy, knowing how his friend felt.
"And that day after the concert, when I was the first one to wake up, I looked down at her asleep on my chest, and when I saw her peaceful, content face, I just couldn't imagine any time I ever felt happier" he said, beginning to go into a daze.
"She was like an angel…" he said just quiet enough for Tommy not to hear.
Tommy stopped Chuckie before he got to deep into his daze.
"So wait, you were happier then than you were at the concert?" Tommy asked.
"Where," he added "I shouldn't have to remind you; we rocked the stage with KISS and The Crue!"
Chuckie pushed his leg off of Tommy's desk, spun the chair around, stopped it when he was facing his friend, and then leaned forward.
"Nope, that can't even be compared to how I felt then" he said "That concert was nothing compared to how happy I felt with Lil asleep on my chest."
"What about Mr. Yamaguchi giving us that record deal?" Tommy asked.
Chuckie shook his head.
"I meant what I said and I said what I meant; at that moment I was happy one-hundred percent." Chuckie rhymed.
Tommy cocked his eyebrow, smirking a bit.
"Have you been watching those Dr. Seuss movies again, Chuck?" he asked.
Chuckie looked away into the top corner of the room, folding his arms together.
"May-be…" he let hang.
Tommy laughed silently again.
"Well you know what, man, I think you should just go and tell her" he re-implied.
He got Chuckie to look right at him.
"Don't beat around the bush, don't try to say how you feel in any other way, just tell her how you feel and ask if she wants to be together with you" he told him.
"If anything, Chuckie, I know she'll like it if you do, because, since you do tend to take things slow," he said "this could be the only time you take the initiative, and she'll like that, since she took it the first time."
Chuckie stood up.
"So what, do I just go and tell her now?" he asked.
Tommy nodded.
"It ain't so late right now, just go next door and tell her." he told him.
He headed for the door and turned around. Tommy gave him a light shove when Chuckie stopped.
"Just go do it Chuck, I know you can" he reassured his best friend "Besides, you and Lil will look pretty good together..."
Chuckie nodded, and since he was facing away, Tommy didn't see him blush. He went out the door, downstairs, and out the front door to get next door to the Deville household.

"No, Lil's not here, she actually said she was heading to your place to talk to Kimi" Chuckie was told by Phil.
Chuckie had run next door and rang the bell. Phil had answered the door, and Chuckie had just asked him the question he had replied to. Chuckie groaned and tilted his head back.
Phil smiled.
"You were hoping to finally tell her, huh?" he asked.
Chuckie looked back up and nodded. Phil grabbed him by his shoulders and turned him around fast.
"Well, if you get back to your place quick, you might still have a chance man!" Phil told Chuckie.
Chuckie looked back.
"And I thought you were against this" he told him.
Phil nodded.
"So long as you guys don't get so mushy in front of me, I'm all for it" he told him.
"So…" he stretched out.
He shoved Chuckie.
"GO MAN!" he said, pointing down the street in the direction of Chuckie's house.
And at that, Chuckie took off running.

"Well, just like the first time, you're going to have to take the initiative and just go and tell him" Kimi finally admitted to Lil.
"But won't that be pushing my luck?" Lil asked her.
Kimi shook her head.
"Chuckie likes you just as much as you like him, so just go tell him already!" Kimi said, lightly pushing Lil out the open door.
At that, they both heard the front door to the house open and close. They looked down and saw Chuckie close the door, then lean against it, breathing heavily, as if he had been on a long run. He took his inhaler out and took a few puffs before he could finally calm down.
"Looks like this could finally be your chance, Lil" Kimi said happily.
She looked and saw that Lil wasn't next to her anymore. Lil had run back into Kimi's room. She looked and saw Lil on her bed, clutching one of her pillows close. Lil's knees were over her chest, and she was rocking a bit back and forth.
Kimi turned and walked over to her.
"Lil, what's wrong?" she asked.
Lil closed her eyes and shook her head.
"I'm just to scared Kimi, I can't tell him…" she told her.
She sounded like she was on the verge of tears. Kimi pulled the pillow out from her grasp and had her best friend look directly at her.
"So you're more scared to simply tell Chuckie that you like him than you were to kiss him when he was full of anger while all of you were on your way to face a trigger-happy mad-woman holding me and Angelica hostage?" she asked.
Lil sat up properly, stretching her legs out.
"No…" she admitted.
"And  you can go and tell him how you feel when he's right downstairs where you can tell him right here, right now, and you're just going to let this moment pass you by because you're too scared?" Kimi asked.
Lil stood up, her determination finally coming back.
"No, I'm going to tell him!" she said.
Kimi nodded.
"Go get him, girl!" she told her.
Lil ran out of the room and headed downstairs.

Chuckie had finally caught his breath after running the whole distance of the Deville household to his home. He hadn't seen Lil at all the whole time on the way home, thinking maybe they'd run into each other when she would make her way home. But since he hadn't, he knew she'd have to be there. He heard a step on the stair-case creak, and as he looked up, he could see Lil right on the stairs, coming down towards him. He couldn't believe his luck!
As he saw her, he noticed the light of the sun shine through the window from outside and illuminate over her. He could swear that she was walking in slow-motion towards him and he couldn't help but smile. As Lil headed down the stairs she spoke to him.
"Chuckie, I'm so glad you're finally here" she said to him.
Chuckie stood up straight, getting himself out of the daze he was in.
"Yeah, I'm glad you're here, too" he said.
"Yeah," Lil said "because there's something I've been needing to tell you."
Chuckie stepped forward.
"Same here" he said.
Lil stepped off the staircase and towards him.
"Really?" she asked.
"Yeah" he answered, nodding.
Lil brushed a few stray strands of her pink streak in her hair away from her eyes.
"Well, why don't you go first…" she said nervously, crossing her arms and blushing, looking down.
Chuckie took a deep breath to calm his nerves. He looked up at Lil but then saw something out of the corner of his eye; Kimi at the top of the stairs watching. He pointed at his eyes and then pointed at her, then indicated toward the door to her room. Kimi nodded, her hands up in defense as she backed away, understanding that Chuckie didn't want him and Lil needed an audience.
Chuckie then walked forward and set a hand on Lil's shoulder, getting her to look up at him.
"Okay" he started "you see Lil, that day when we were all on our way to the warehouse, I was filled with so much fear and rage over what was happening, that when you kissed me, I was so shocked I didn't even know how to react."
Lil nodded, somehow thinking that he was 'letting her down easy'. She fought hard not to cry.
"But" Chuckie said, changing his tone a bit "in that one brief moment, all my anger and fear disappeared, and I felt so happy that I almost forgot what was going on right then."
Lil looked up.
"Really?" she asked.
Chuckie nodded.
"Yes, really" he replied.
Lil smiled, and blushed again.
"And Lil" he said "the day after the concert, when I saw you sleeping so peacefully, I was so happy then I never wanted it to end."
Lil almost felt swooned then.
"We've been friends for years Lil," Chuckie said to her "but now, I think we should be more."
Lil's eyes glistened. She was now on the verge of tears again, this time not from disappointment, but from joy.
"Oh, Chuckie…" she said.
She wanted to grab him again and kiss him once more, until he saw him looking at her in a more serious way.
"Uh, wasn't there something that you needed to tell me?" he asked.
Lil had a look of realization on her face.
"Oh yeah…" she said, and wiped the tears out of her eyes.
She twirled the pink streak of her hair, trying to formulate her thoughts. She then took a deep breath like Chuckie had, and started.
"Well, Chuckie" she said "We've done a lot over these years, and all these years, I've liked you so much, but I never knew when it would be the right time to actually tell you."
"But on that way to the warehouse, knowing that a that mad-woman who kidnapped your sister and one of our friends had a gun, I didn't know if that car ride would actually be our last moments together, so I just threw all my cares out the window and took the shot." Lil said, unloading her feelings.
"After all, like I said" she told him, blushing again "you're really hot when you're mad…"
"But when all of that ended, and after the concert, when I saw you sleeping so peacefully as we all came over, you just looked so sweet, and I felt so content that I never wanted that night to end."
She grabbed Chuckie's hands, and they both looked right at each other and into each other's eyes.
"I agree with you Chuckie" she told him "I want us to be more than friends."
Chuckie looked at her, and almost melted by the look in her eyes.
"Lillian Deville…" he started.
She smiled. The only time Chuckie used anyone's full name was when an issue was important to him.
"Yes, Chuckie Finster…" she said, a bit excited, knowing his question may be to her as well.
Chuckie couldn't hold his question back any longer.
"Will you be my girlfriend?" he finally asked.
Lil couldn't hold back her tears any longer. Her face curled into a smile as the tears of joy fell down her face.
"Oh, Chuckie, of course!" she said, almost screaming it.
And, once again, she grabbed him by his shirt collar, and kissed him fiercely, reliving the moment from the rescue mission. After a few seconds though, Chuckie lightly pushed her off of him.
"Wow, okay Lil, while I love it when you do that," he said, feeling a bit light-headed "do you think you could tone it down a little when you get excited?"
Lil put her hands on her hips.
"Oh, so we finally get together, and jou already tink jou can change me, eh?" she asked, faking an Italian accent, cocking an eye-brow.
Sweat ran down Chuckie's forehead then. He rubbed the back of his neck, feeling nervous.
"Well, I, um, uh…" he babbled nervously.
Lil just let out a light laugh. She set a hand on Chuckie's shoulder, kicked her leg up, and lightly kissed him on the cheek, only a little peck.
"Of course, boyfriend…" she told him, loving the fact that she could finally call him that after all these years.
Chuckie took her hand in his.
"So…" he started nervously.
Lil moved her fingers a little to hold his hands more firmly.
"What, Chuckie?" she asked curiously.
He shook off his nerves.
"Would you like to go on a date with me this Friday?" he said, but he wasn't looking at her.
Lil held off her answer because of this, egging Chuckie on. He finally looked up at her.
"…Girlfriend?" he added.
She smiled once more.
"Of course, Chuckie" she told him.
And at that, Chuckie hugged her. Lil sighed, feeling so content with his arms around her. She hugged him back. After a minute, Chuckie let go and stepped back a bit.
He pointed at the door behind him.
"I'm, uh, gonna step outside for some air…" he said.
Lil nodded.
"Cool, no problem." she said.
Chuckie opened the door and stepped out as Lil headed back upstairs. As she was half-way up, right before she heard the door close, she could just hear Chuckie start to cheer. At this, she couldn't help but laugh.
She headed up towards Kimi's room, and saw her friend's door was already open. Kimi had been listening the whole time!
Kimi stood up from her bed, and she and Lil both hugged. They then pulled back, grabbing each other's hands and jumped around a bit, squealing giddily.
"You see, I told you to just take the chance and it would happen!" Kimi told her.
Lil nodded, still laughing a bit giddily.
"Well, you were totally right Kimi, and now we're going out!"
Lil gasped a bit.
"OMG, we're going out on a date!" she said, now realizing it.
She grabbed Kimi by the shoulders.
"Where do you think he'll take me?" she asked.
Kimi shrugged as much as she could with Lil's hands holding her tightly. Lil then put her hands over her head and began to pace back and forth.
"What should I wear? Should I bring my purse or just my wallet?" she continued "and we don't have our licenses yet! Will your or my parents have to give us a ride? OH MAN, that'll be so embarrassing either way!"
She continued worrying, making Kimi go through the same experience she had gone through earlier. Not wanting to see it all over again, Kimi did something a bit unnecessary; she had Lil stop pacing, put a hand on one of Lil's shoulders, and then slapped her friend lightly on both of her cheeks.
"Calm down Lil, it'll be fine" she said.
Lil shook her arms a bit, tilted her head back, letting out a long breath and then relaxed her shoulders.
"Besides, I have something to tell you" Kimi told her.
Lil looked back up.
"Really?" she asked.
Kimi nodded, her arms folded.
"Well, what?" Lil asked, curiously.
Kimi looked directly at her, with a bit of an intimidating stare.
"I love the fact that you two are now together, but, while you are my best friend-" Kimi started.
She unfolded her arms, put one hand on Lil's shoulder again, pointing at her with her other hand, and looked Lil straight in the eyes, glaring, putting a whole vibe of intimidation in the air.
"-if you break Chuckie's heart, I swear; I will find you, and I will MAIME you!" Kimi said, an angry growl in her voice.
Lil stepped back a bit, a little afraid of her best friend being so aggressive. She put her hands up in defense.
"Kimi, chill, I'd never do anything like that at all!" she said "I've wanted to be with him for years; I'll never break his heart!"
Kimi saw the look in Lil's eyes and could see she wasn't lying. In the blink of an eye, she went from her aggressive stance to a normal stance, and the vibe instantly evaporated from the air.
"Alright Lil, and congratulations" she told her.
They both sat down again, Lil trying to get rid of the fear Kimi had given her. After a few minutes of letting the issue drop, Lil looked back up towards Kimi.
"So…" she said.
"What did you and Tommy do on your first date?" she asked Kimi.
Kimi folded her arms again, and then smirked.
"Oh, like you don't know?" she said.
Lil blinked a few times in confusion.
"Uh, no, and I have no clue what you're talking about…" she replied.
Kimi stood up straight, realizing what Lil meant.
"Oh, so Chuckie didn't talk you into spying on us with him that day?" she asked in realization.
Lil shook her head.
"You knew that he did that?" she asked.
Kimi nodded, rolling her eyes a bit.
"Yeah, but I managed to scare him off when he saw that I realized it was him behind all those trees and newspapers with holes in them..."
Kimi frowned a bit and looked a bit grouchy. So Lil decided to answer her question.
"Well, nope, I didn't" she told her friend "he tried to get me and Phil to do it too, but I remember that we promised to stay away from you guys that day, and I didn't want to do it."
She rolled her eyes then.
"But he got Dil to do it, because we both know that he and Tommy are close, but he left a while after spying on you guys because he got bored." she added.
Kimi finally smiled again, the memories coming back to her.
"Well, I have to say that our first date was so great that I didn't even care that Chuckie had been spying on us."
She began to regale the events of what had happened.
"Okay so, Tommy took me to the park for a picnic at the top of the highest hill underneath the old oak tree, and he had packed us a 'special lunch' he had made." she started "he also brought his acoustic guitar in his case, since he's better at acoustic than I am."
This was true; Kimi had skipped past acoustic guitar and went straight to electric and was great at playing all styles on electric; lead, rhythm, and bass. And while she played acoustic a bit, she could only play rhythm. Tommy had learned guitar in what he and his grandpa Lou called the 'traditional' way; playing acoustic first, then electric. He could play lead, rhythm, and bass on acoustic, but only rhythm and a bit of bass on electric.
Kimi shrugged a bit as she went on.
"The lunch he packed was nothing special, though, really; just some homemade sandwiches and fresh fruit," she said, but then smiled "but he had also gotten a six-pack of soda that was in the old-time glass bottles that they re-released, and he used the bottle-opener on his pocket-knife to open them."
She took herself out of the daze she was in.
"You know I'm really into the nostalgic stuff" she told Lil.
Lil nodded.
Instantly, Kimi was back in the daze she had been in, resuming to talk about the date.
"And since it wasn't a school night, we didn't have to hurry home later in the day, as we both had asked to push our curfews over a bit later, thank god our parents let us."
Kimi set her head in her hands, and a dreamy look came over her face.
"So, as the sun began to set, Tommy took his acoustic guitar out of his case that he had brought with him and he…"
She squealed a bit.
"He SANG to me!" she said giddily.
Lil smiled.
"Well, what song?" she asked Kimi.
Kimi giggled.
"Actually, it was more than one song" she explained
"You're not as much into metal as I am Lil, even though you are in our metal band-" Kimi started.
Lil nodded a bit, rolling her eyes.
"I know Kimi, you're constantly reminding me…" she interrupted.
Lil listened to mostly whatever was in the Top 40's, but had started to listen to metal after she joined the band.
Kimi resumed.
"-but in metal, there are actually more than just loud and fast paced music; there are love songs."
She smiled, returning into her daze once more.
"And those were a few of the songs Tommy sang to me" she told her.
She began to count on her fingers.
"He sang 'Heaven' by Warrant, 'Silent Lucidity' by Queensrÿche, and KISS's 'Beth' but he put 'Kim' in its place instead." she said.
"I thought you hated being called 'Kim', though" Lil mentioned.
Kimi rolled over, her head hanging off the edge of her bed.
"Well, it's different when Tommy says it, especially if he sings it" she replied simply.
She then continued with what she was originally talking about, continuing to count
"Oh, and he even had us both sing a duet on 'More than words' by the band Extreme."
She pointed slightly at her.
"Don't let the name of the band fool you; it's a very slow and romantic song, easily played on acoustic."
"But I think my favorite was the last one, which brought me to tears after he sang it" she recalled, her eyes glistening at the memory "It was 'Love of a Lifetime' by the band Firehouse…"
Lil nodded a bit, a small smile on her face.
"I think I know what that song's about just by the title…" she said.
Kimi nodded back.
"We both agreed that it would be our song from then on and we kissed then, right before the sun finished setting."
"Then we both packed up and went home right before our extended curfews." she finished.
She stayed in her loving daze for a bit longer, not wanting to forget, but then finally looked up.
"Why did you want to know anyway, Lil?" she asked Lil curiously.
Lil shrugged.
"Well, because, maybe, since Chuckie had been watching that day, he might copy you guys and do the same thing" she guessed.
She furrowed her eye-brows a bit.
"Although, Chuckie's drum-set isn't exactly portable…" she thought aloud, bringing a finger to her chin.
Kimi laughed lightly and rolled her eyes.
"Oh, Chuckie's got a mind of his own, he'll think of something." she told Lil.
"Yeah, you're right" Lil agreed.
"Besides, he left half-way through the day, he didn't even see Tommy sing to me." Kimi added, making her and Lil laugh at what she said next.
"All he saw was me and Tommy talk, and I could've sworn I heard him snoring at one point."

Later on, Lil had left right before Chuckie and Kimi's parents showed up, sharing a kiss with him right before leaving. Unfortunately, Kimi had watched that time. And since Chas and Kira were just walking through the door at the time, they heard Kimi making fun of him.
"Chuckie's got a girlfriend, Chuckie's got a girlfriend!" she mocked in a sing-song voice, Chuckie clutching his head, his eye-twitching.
"Dangit Kimi, cut it out!" he told her.
Kimi widened her eyes smiling as she tilted her head.
"Aw, did da widdle wuver boy just get angwy?" she asked, then pouted her lower lip.
Chuckie pulled his hair.
"GAH!" he yelled out in aggravation.
"Okay, kids, what's going on here?" Chas asked as he saw what was going on, but hadn't heard the whole thing.
Kimi instantly stood.
"Chuckie and Lil hooked up" she told both Chas and her mother quickly.
Chuckie looked up.
"Dangit Kimi, shut up!"
Kimi turned around and stuck her tongue out.
"Revenge, bro!" she told him.
She then ran out of the room, laughing, leaving Chuckie alone with Chas and Kira.
Chuckie saw the smiles on their faces and his face flushed red.
"Oh dang…" he mumbled.
His parents both sat on each side of him on the couch.
"So you and Lil are finally together?" his dad asked.
Chuckie sighed, and then nodded.
"Yeah…" he said.
Kira smiled.
"Well, why do you seem so embarrassed?" she asked him.
He looked up.
"Because now you're both going to make fun of me the way you did with Kimi when she and Tommy started dating" he said.
Chas and Kira both shook their heads.
"Nah, Chuckie, I think Kimi did enough" Chas told him.
"Although…" Kira said, getting a mischievous smile on her face.
'Uh-oh…' Chuckie thought.
Kira planted a kiss right on his fore-head. She then hugged him close.
"I can't believe you finally have a girlfriend, Chuckie, I'm so proud of you!" she told him.
Chuckie blushed again.
"MOM!" he groaned.
Kimi stuck her head out from around a corner leading into the room.
"Oh, and he and Lil are going on a date this Friday, too!" she mentioned.
Chuckie glared at her.
"Darn it, Kimi!" he said.
Kimi laughed again and dashed back up the stairs. And at that, both their parents began embarrassing Chuckie full force.
"Oh, so where're you planning on taking her, bucko?" his dad asked, nudging him.
He leaned a bit closer, and put a hand on the side of his mouth.
"I'd suggest that you take her to dinner, and let her order whatever she wants, it's a good start." he whispered.
Kira shook her head, having heard this.
"No, take her to a movie, which might be better" she told him "and buy her own bucket of popcorn."
"Or you could do both" Chas compromised.
"True" Kira agreed.
Chuckie clutched his head again in anger.
"You guys, seriously!" he said.
He took out his inhaler and took a few puffs off of it. Realizing that they could be stressing him out a bit, his parents backed off.
"Seriously, though Chuckie, just do something traditional if you can't think of anything" his dad told him calmly "not many people can turn down dinner and a movie, or at least one or the other."
"Also" Kira suggested "if you feel nervous, maybe make it a double date if it's okay with her, which could help."
Then they both each set a hand on each of his shoulders.
"But, of course, Chuckie-" Chas started.
"We're both proud of you" Kira finished.
They both gave him a hug, and left the room. Chuckie laid across the couch, and then thought over what his parents had told him.

"Alright, good job Lillian!" Howard told his daughter as she came home and retold the events of what had just happened to her parents.
They were all sitting at the kitchen table, Phil was upstairs. Unlike Chuckie's parents, though, they didn't exactly want to embarrass her over the situation.
"That's my girl, taking the situation by the horns and making it happen!" Betty said, putting her arm around her and pulling her closer.
Lil had tweaked the story a bit, knowing that her mom always wanted her to be like her; short and to the point with boys, making what she wanted to happen actually come true. She had no clue Chuckie had asked, and not her, like she had said.
"So where did Chuckie say he was taking you on your big date?" her mother asked.
Lil bit her lip a bit.
"Well, he, uh, actually didn't say, he just asked if I'd like to go on one with him." she answered.
Howard looked disappointed then.
"Well how are we supposed to know what outfit for you to wear if you don't even know where he's taking you?" he asked.
He groaned a bit and tilted his head back over the chair.
Lil rolled her eyes.
"Dad, I wear the same type of outfit every day, I don't need to dress up all fancy just because Chuckie wants to take me on a date."
Betty smiled.
"Yeah Howie, besides, I dressed in jeans and sports jersey's when we started dating and you didn't mind" she reminded him.
Howard looked back up.
"That's because no one could ever get you to wear a dress Betty, no matter what" he told her.
"Except for our wedding" he remembered.
They both then looked up at the pictures on the wall in the living room and saw in the center was the photo of their wedding day. Lil snapped her fingers to get them to stop from staring.
"Uh, guys…" she said.
They both looked back at her.
"Yeah, I don't know what Chuckie has planned, but if it involves going somewhere outside of the neighborhood, could I extend my curfew a bit?" she asked.
Her parents both consulted each other, and then gave her a re-assuring nod.
"We'll give you two extra hours, just don't go out to far" her father told her.
"Yeah, Lillian" her mother said "you and Chuckie may be the oldest in your group, but you're still too young to lose your virginity."
Howard went pale at hearing that.
"AW! Mom, really?" Lil said, blushing in embarrassment.
Her mother laughed.
"Oh, we trust you Lil, it's just a parent's job to look out for their kids like that" she told Lil, patting her on the head.
Lil pouted a bit.
"By what, embarrassing them?!" she said.
Her mother just laughed again, and she and her father left upstairs. She could faintly hear her father confront her mother on what she had said to Lil about her and Chuckie.
Lil just sighed.
"Man-o-man, is this gonna be a big issue…" she thought aloud.
Since this file is to big to upload, I'm divinding it into 2 parts.

The pic that inspired me for the beggining of the fanfic (which was created by :iconagufanatic98: ) can be seen here: [link]
So Chuckie and Lil have finally hooked up. but is their 1st date gonna go smoothly?

go here to find out: [link]
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