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School is in, but Phineas and Ferb can't be stopped! The dynamic duo, along with their friends, chip in to help Candace finally reveal Suzy's secret to Jeremy.

"So the answer to number four is 87?" Phineas asked Ferb.
Ferb nodded, as he folded his papers together.
"Huh, that's weird, my answer was WAY off" he said, looking back at the problem on his homework.
As he and Ferb finished up, they suddenly heard the front door open and slam shut.
"UGH! I can't take this, it's the last straw!" they heard.
"That's Candace" Phineas said obviously.
Ferb nodded again.
They put their finished homework in their backpacks and rushed over to the front door to check out what was wrong. Candace's face was black as coffee, soaked with a liquid material. Drops of the liquid were dripping onto her shirt.
"What happened?" Phineas asked.
Candace rolled her eyes.
"What do you think, twerp?" she said, grabbing a roll of paper towels as they walked into the kitchen.
Phineas and Ferb remained silent, both shrugging.
Candace sighed.
"Jeremy and I were doing our homework together and who would come in but little Suzy!" she explained "And the second Jeremy had his back turned she grabbed his pen and sprayed me with ink!"
"And did Jeremy believe me?" she asked.
Her brothers said nothing.
"NO!" she said.
"My life is CRAZY!" she said, storming up to her room.
Phineas and Ferb looked at each other, then shrugged, and headed to their usual spot in the backyard.

As the brothers relaxed under the shade of the tree in the backyard, they heard the gate open. Right there was Vanessa and Isabella.
"Hey guys" Vanessa said.
"What'cha doin?" Isabella asked.
They smiled.
"Just taking some time to relax after finishing our homework." Phineas said.
"Can't keep you guys from your usual spot, huh?" Vanessa asked.
"Yep, except when it rains" Phineas said.
Vanessa took a spot next to Ferb, Isabella next to Phineas. As the afternoon wore on, the rest of their friends showed up and they were all starting to have a good time, just talking about the upcoming weekend.
As they talked, the subject of what had happened earlier came up.
"Hey what was up with Candace earlier?" Isabella asked "I heard her grumbling when she past by my house while I was in the pool."
"Oh, Candace has this deluded idea that little Suzy Johnson is evil and wants to get rid of her" Phineas said "she said that Suzy sprayed ink all over her."
"Crazy right?" he asked.
"Wait; isn't Suzy Jeremy's little sister?" Vanessa asked.
"Yes, yes she is" Isabella answered.
"Well what would a sweet little girl like her have against Candace?" she asked.
"How can you all still not know?!" Buford asked a bit to loud.
All heads turned towards him.
"She's evil I tell you, EVIL!" he said.
All eye-brow's cocked.
"Buford, she's not evil; she's a 5 year old girl" Phineas said.
"That's just her cover" he said, pointing at him.
They all ignored him as he went on about how she was evil and gave him the willies.
"Well, it could be possible that she did get that ink over Candace's face" Vanessa said "even if it may've just been an accident."
"But why would she even do such a thing?" Phineas asked in disbelief "She seems so sweet and innocent."
"You guys are missing one crucial thing about her though" Baljeet said, getting their attention.
"Haven't any of you ever noticed that in this town, no one is what they seem to be" he told them.
"After all; all summer your mother believed that all you were doing was normal mediocre kid stuff when you have built so many great things that people beyond our age find impossible" he went on.
"And you two are only 12!" he stated.
"So maybe little Suzy is a bit more than what we see her as" he finished.
They were all impressed by this.
"Very profound 'Jeet." Irving said, patting him on the shoulder.
He shrugged.
"Brains do come in handy, common sense helps more" he said.
After hearing this Phineas and Ferb knew what to do.
"Guys; I know what we're gonna do today!" Phineas said.

"So to get proof that Suzy is what Candace believes her to be, we need to find a way to track them when neither of them are near Jeremy" Phineas said, as they pulled out some of their old blueprints.
"So we we're thinking," Phineas said, laying it out on a table set up in the backyard "of setting up a motion detecting hidden cameras that we'll set up at Jeremy's place when Candace is over, which are coded to each one's DNA patterns to know when Jeremy isn't in the room but Candace and Suzy are."
As Phineas went on, Vanessa pulled Ferb aside.
"I think I have an idea that won't be as complicated as Phineas's" she told him.
Ferb nodded.
"Just come with me and I think my dad can help" she said, grabbing his hand and having him follow her.

"Dad, dad, dad!" Vanessa said, running through her house, searching for him.
She found him in his study, jotting down notes in his personal notebook, occasionally glancing at his computer.
He looked up.
"Oh, hello Vanessa, I thought you were over at the Flynn/Fletchers for the afternoon, what's wrong?" he asked.
"Nothing, we just came to ask you something" she said, as Ferb came in.
"Hello Ferb" he said, as Ferb waved at him.
He looked back at Vanessa
"What was it you wanted to ask me?" he asked.
She walked up to his desk.
"Do you still have those old blueprints for that robotic camera bug?" she asked.
He looked puzzled.
"Vanessa, you know fully well that I swore off evil the day you became younger" he said sternly.
Vanessa sighed, a bit annoyed.
"I know dad, but Ferb and I were going to use it to help out his sister" she said.
Ferb nodded.
"OH!" Heinz said "Well in that case…"
He stood and walked up to a file case near his desk. He opened the top drawer and skimmed though the 'B' folder.
"Ball-gowninator, Begone-inator, Big-Ben scheme, Bigger-inator, BO-AT, Breadinator, Brick wall scheme" he said under his breath as he searched.
"And; Bug-eye bot!" he said, as he pulled the file out.
He handed it to Vanessa.
"Just promise me that you are only using this for a good purpose, okay sweetie?" he said.
She looked him in the eye.
"I promise, dad" she said.
Then she and Ferb rushed out as Heinz returned to his notes.

"Now THIS is a much better idea!" Phineas said, as Vanessa handed him the blueprints.
"All we have to do is build this and hide it on Candace next time she goes to Jeremy's" Ferb said.
"Why don't you just give it to her, and tell her to hide it herself?" Buford asked.
"Because she'll know, and then may try to tempt Suzy to do what she believes she's doing." Ferb answered, as Phineas came out with a box of supplies.
"Alright guys, lets get to work" Phineas said, setting the box next to the blue-prints.

"Okay mom, I'll see you later tonight" Candace said, as she grabbed her purse to head over to Jeremy's.
"Alright honey, bye" Linda replied, attending to the dishes.
Up in their room, Phineas and Ferb, along with Isabella and Vanessa went into action.
"Alright, activate!" Phineas said, flipping the switch attached to his computer, which activated the bug eye-bot.
An imaged appeared on his laptop, which was secluded on Candace's shirt collar.
"Luckily we made it the same color as her shirt" Phineas remarked.
"Agreed" Isabella concurred, as they all put on separate headphones to hear what was happening.
"Oh, hey Candace, glad you made it" Jeremy said as he answered the door.
"Hi Jeremy" she said, kissing him on the cheek.
She walked in as he closed the door, and politely took her purse.
"How about I play some music while we work?" Jeremy asked, as they took out their supplies for their project.
He turned on the stereo, and heavy metal music began to blare out!
"AH!" Candace yelled as the music shook the walls.
Jeremy immediately turned the volume down to zero.
"Huh, that's odd, I didn't had this thing tuned to the metal station…" he said.
He changed the station, and turned the volume up to a low level.
"Ah man, that's a good song!" Vanessa said, disappointed. She slouched in her chair.
"Focus on the matter at hand" Isabella reminded her.
"Right" she said, looking back at the screen and sitting up straight.
"Now we don't know whether or not it was Suzy who did that" Phineas said "But we all know that no one in Jeremy's family listen to metal, as they don't care for it."
"Weirdo's" Vanessa said, rolling her eyes.
Isabella nudged her on the side with her elbow at that, causing her to roll her eyes again.
"Sorry about that Candace" Jeremy apologized, as he took out the poster board.
"Oh, no problem, I didn't plan on using this ear today, anyway" she said, pointing at her left ear.
They both laughed at that, and went back to the project.
"So to prove our point, I created this graph based on our notes of the decline of the real issues in the news, and more on the matter of celebrity's personal lives." Jeremy said, showing her his laptop, which showed the graph on the screen.
He clicked on the taskbar below to hide it, which then showed his desktop background.
It was a picture of his family picnic, reunited with his aunt Annabelle, but Candace was removed from it, showing her blank silhouette next to him.
"Now that's weird" he said, looking closer at it.
"How could that happen, I didn't do it, and only my parents know the password." he said.
"Well this could show that maybe one of his parents has something against Candace" Isabella said.
"Nah, if that was it then his mother wouldn't be in our mom's band" Phineas said.
"True" Vanessa said, taking a bite of the apple Ferb had gotten her.
As Jeremy opened the chart up again to hide the screen, Suzy came in.
They could swear that they felt Candace's blood run cold through the camera.
"Hi Jeremy!" she said.
"Hey there, favorite girl" he said, picking her up and putting her on his lap.
"What's this" she said curiously, grabbing the poster board.
"Oh, Candace and I are just doing our project about famous people" he said, dumbing it down for her.
She looked up for him.
"Can you help me?" she asked sweetly.
"Sure Suzy, what is it?" he asked.
"Can you get my juice off of the top shelf in the fridge, I can't reach it" she said helplessly.
"Of course," Jeremy said, setting her down in between him and Candace.
He stood up, asking Candace to excuse him for a minute, and went into the kitchen.
The second he was out of the room, Suzy instantly changed.
"I thought I gave you enough of a hint yesterday, Candace!" she said, standing up so she could look straight at her.
"Just because you got ink on my face, doesn't mean that you can keep me away" she replied.
"Well maybe THIS will keep you away!" Suzy said.
She hopped off the couch and knocked every last thing off the table.
Pens broke and ink leaked onto the poster board. Jeremy's laptop fell, but didn't break. Their notes flew across the room and spread across the floor.
Suzy hopped back on the couch.
"And if that isn't enough, then-"
She kicked Candace right in the stomach.
"OW!" she said as the wind was knocked out of her.
As she leaned forward and clutched her stomach, Suzy shoved her on her back and she fell on top of the project supplies.
Phineas, Ferb, Vanessa, and Isabella's jaws all dropped, one at a time as they saw this. Isabella didn't notice that her juice had spilled since she was holding her can sideways, and Vanessa didn't notice that she dropped her apple as they all stared in disbelief.
"A-at least the camera didn't break…" Vanessa said.
That didn't help matters.
Jeremy came running into the room as he heard this noise.
"What happened?" he said worriedly, a cup of juice in his hand.
Suzy was sitting on the couch again and she pointed down at Candace.
"Candace fell down and went 'CRASH'!" she said.
Candace got back up, ink all over her shirt.
"Oh no, you don't; YOU did this to me, don't even deny it!" she said, pointing down at her.
Suzy had a [fake] scared look on her face.
"No I didn't!" she cried out, tears in her eyes.
She hopped off the couch and over to Jeremy, crying.
Jeremy could not take this.
"I can't believe you!" he said.
Candace was hoping that he was defending her, but that was far from it. He lifted Suzy into his arms.
"How can you act that way to my sister?" he said to Candace.
"But Jeremy-" she started.
"No Candace!" he said.
"All summer you've blamed poor little Suzy for your accidents, and I am fed up with it." he said, as Suzy buried her face into his shoulder.
"I don't think we should see each other anymore." he said coldly.
Those words hit Candace like a ton of bricks.
"Wh-what?" she said in disbelief.
Jeremy handed her purse to her, holding Suzy with his other arm.
"No, Jeremy, don't do this!" Candace begged.
Jeremy's eyes didn't even flicker. He remained a steady glare.
"Don't make this any harder than it has to be" he said.
She took her purse, holding back her tears.
"Fine, if you won't believe me, then; I don't want to be with you either!" she said.
She headed for the door.
"I'M OUTTA HERE!" she yelled.
"GO THEN!" Jeremy yelled back.
She walked out, slamming the door.
Since Jeremy couldn't see her face, Suzy smiled and giggled evilly. Jeremy confused this for sobs of fear from their yelling, and patted her on the back to soothe her softly saying "shhh, it's okay…"

The second Candace was on the other side of the door, her tears fell like a waterfall. She ran for her house, crying the whole way.
She ran into her house, slamming the door, and ran to her room. She slammed her door as well and dove onto her bed, a heavier stream of tears and sobs escaping her as she cried into her pillow.
Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, and Vanessa had seen the whole thing.
Isabella was tearing up, Phineas had buried his head into his hands, shaking his head, Ferb was pacing back and forth, and Vanessa was furious.
"I can't BELIEVE HIM!" Vanessa said.
"She should've kicked his ass like I did to that loser Johnny when I figured out he smoked dope and he thought I did!" she said.
"No; she should've kicked BOTH of their asses!" she corrected herself.
"I'll go do it FOR her!" she said, heading for the door.
Ferb put a hand on her shoulder to stop her. She looked back at him and could tell just by the look in his eyes that she was venting her emotions wrong. She put her arms around him and buried her face into his shoulder.
Phineas finally spoke up.
"We can't let Candace know that we saw this guys," he stated.
They all agreed.
"But…" he said.
He took a flash drive out from the desk drawer. He plugged it into the computer and downloaded the video onto it.
"We do need to let Jeremy know what went on." he said, ejecting the flash drive.

A few hours later, Candace was still in her room. Linda and Lawrence had managed to calm her down some, and Stacy and Jenny had been over to try and cheer her up, but she was still crying and refused to leave her room.
She heard her door creak open, and she looked up.
"Oh, hi boys" she said, trying to wipe her tears away.
Phineas and Ferb had finally worked up the courage to check on her. Isabella and Vanessa had gone home hours ago.
Phineas and Ferb were cautious on checking on her since, when she went through hard times, she would yell at them to get out. But those were minor issues like parallel parking, not losing the guy she loved.
She had her back leaned against her window as she sat on her bed, clutching a pillow. The little make-up she wore had spread, mascara running down her face.
"Hey Candace," Phineas said "how are you doing?"
She struggled to put a smile on her face.
"I'm fine" she lied.
They stepped inside, leaving the door open.
"Are you sure?" he asked.
She nodded, still lying.
"Do you need anything?" Phineas asked, starting to ease up, knowing she was in no condition to yell at them.
"Come over here guys, sit down" she said, patting the side of her bed.
They looked at each other and shrugged when she looked out the window. Then they both came over and sat down. She looked down at them, but for the first time like she was looking up to them, hopefully.
"With all that's ever happened to me, I'm happy that there are at least two guys in my life that I can always depend on" she said, her eyes glistening from her tears.
She wrapped her arms around them in a hug. Phineas glanced at Ferb and they both nodded, and hugged her back. Phineas managed to remove the camera when she wasn't looking.
Candace kissed them both on their foreheads and they left.
"We are gonna get her and Jeremy back together" Phineas said when they were on the other side of the door.
"I just hate seeing her like that."
"So do I, Phineas, so do I" Ferb said.
Phineas smiled.
They both high fived and went into their room.

The next day, Jeremy was sitting in his room, depressed. Even though he had broken up with Candace to defend his sister, it hurt him as well. His shades were drawn as he strummed his acoustic guitar slowly. He sat at his computer desk, facing towards the window.
A knock came on his door.
He looked up, sighed, turned around, and said "come in."
His mom peaked in.
"Honey, are you okay?" she asked.
He sighed again.
"Not really mom" he said, looking down.
She opened his door more.
"Well, something came in the mail for you" she said, handing him an envelope.
He took it and placed it on his desk.
"Thanks mom" he said, and turned around in his chair again.
"I'll be in the kitchen if you need to talk" she said.
He nodded as she closed his door.
He looked at the envelope, flipping it over, but seeing that there wasn't an address or even a stamp. He moved his fingers around it and all he felt was a thin, flat, small rectangular object.
He shrugged and opened it up. He turned it over and out dropped a flash-drive. Attached to it was a sticky note that had been wrapped around it.
He unrolled it and it read 'from Phineas and Ferb. Plug & play'.
He glanced back at his laptop, and looked at the flash drive port. He then looked back at the flash drive.
"This is probably just some crazy thing to get me back together with Candace" he said aloud.
But as he flipped it around in his hand, and eyed at his waste basket,  he knew that he shouldn't hold his sadness and anger from Candace's actions against them. The least thing he could do was play it.
He set his guitar on his bed, spun around and faced his laptop. He powered it up, and once his screen showed up, he plugged the drive in. After a minute of it confirming with his programs, a video popped up.
He pressed play, and saw an all-to-familiar image.
He saw himself, but like someone was looking up at him. He listened as well and could tell it was the conversation he and Candace had yesterday. The angle it was at was just below her neck. It went on and he could see all the events that had happened yesterday.
But there was something he hadn't seen.
As he saw himself leave off screen, he saw Suzy stand up, looking up at Candace, threatening her. After Candace refused to be afraid of her, Suzy hopped off the couch, shoved all their stuff off the table and then do something he never thought 'sweet little Suzy' would ever do; kick Candace right in the stomach, and when Candace leaned forward, shove her right on top of all the stuff that had fallen on the floor.
He was so devastated that he didn't know how to react. The whole summer, from the very day they met, Candace was speaking the truth; Suzy had been tormenting her.
After a few minutes of processing this, he grabbed his cell phone. He began to dial a number he didn't usually call. After a few rings, he heard the pickup tone.
"Phineas, I saw the video you sent me, and I need you to send Candace over here ASAP." he said point-blank.

It took some time to convince Candace to get out of bed, get decent enough to be seen outside of the house, and even longer to actually go over to Jeremy's.
"But why would he want to see me when he just dumped meee…?" she whined, as Phineas and Ferb pushed her along down the sidewalk.
"Because we have reason to believe that he knows something that will help you two get back together." Ferb told her.
"If I wasn't so depressed right now I'd ask why" Candace said, as Phineas gave her a hard enough shove to get her to start walking.
After a few more minutes they made it to Jeremy's, and after stopping Candace from just walking the other way about 10 times, they finally went inside.
In the time it took them to get there, Jeremy had managed to get Suzy into his room, lock his door, and force her to watch the video he had seen. He said nothing to her as the video ended, and stood away from her, making her even more fearful of how he would react.
After hearing the front door open and close, he finally turned around, but instead of facing her, he unlocked his door and walked out.
Candace stood in the living room of the Johnson residence, just leaning against a wall, staring down at the floor, as Phineas and Ferb sat on the couch, twiddling their thumbs.
They finally saw Jeremy come out of his room.
He came over towards Candace, but, unlike yesterday, he talked with a calm, sympathetic voice.
"Candace," he said "I have something that I believe you'd like to see,"
She didn't look up at him as he talked. So he put a hand under her chin and tilted her head up so she could look at him.
"And I think it will clear up what happened yesterday." he told her.
With that smile that always made her melt, Candace finally smiled for the first time and said "okay."
He put an arm around her and led her towards his room.
As he walked, though, he turned his head so he could look back at her brothers. He put a thumbs-up behind his back and winked at him.
They both winked back as he walked into his room and closed the door.

They saw Suzy still sitting in Jeremy's computer chair in his room. She looked at him in hope, but he refused to look at her. Instead, he looked at Candace.
"I have something on my computer that I think you'll really be interested in seeing." he told her.
He lifted his laptop off of his desk, and handed it to Candace as she sat down on his bed and placed it in her lap, not looking at Suzy the whole time.
He sat next to her and played the video.
After seeing all the events of yesterday, Candace began to smile, knowing now that this video had cleared her name. As it ended, Jeremy stood up and finally spoke to Suzy.
"You can get down from the chair now" he said, but with a coldness in his voice that made Suzy wish he had just remained silent.
Candace stood up next to him, and he began to talk to Suzy.
"So you've really been mean to Candace this whole time." he said.
Candace saw tears form in Suzy's eyes, as she folded one arm over the other, wrapping one hand over the other.
"And I thought you were my favorite girl!" Jeremy said, trying hard to not raise his voice.
Suzy looked down, wishing he had just yelled.
Candace was still smiling, happy that Suzy was finally getting her just desserts. But her smile faded as she saw Suzy look down, and she saw the tears in her eyes get bigger. Those were the same tears she had in her eyes yesterday.
"But I never thought you could be so mean,-" Jeremy continued.
Time slowed down as events rushed through Candace's mind; she saw the sweet look on Suzy's face at the sci-fi/fantasy convention as she hugged her in her Ducky Momo costume, she saw the sweet look in her eyes as she whined that her not being in the roller-skating contest wouldn't be fair. She even remembered her dream as she heard Suzy beg someone to get a jack to get the house off of her. More and more things went through her mind as this went on.
"And that's why-" Jeremy said as he was about to let his full emotions out.
"Wait, Jeremy, stop!" Candace said, putting a hand on his shoulder.
He glanced back at her in surprise.
She walked over to Suzy, kneeling down. She put a hand on her shoulder as Suzy looked all the way down, her arms at her sides.
"She was only that mean to me because she thought you wouldn't love her anymore if you would date me," she told him, defending her.
She looked down at Suzy.
"Right?" she asked.
Suzy took an unsteady breath as she continued crying.
"Y…yes…" she said, tears streaming down her face.
Jeremy looked down at his little sister as he saw the tears stream down her face. Regret shot through him faster than a bullet.
"Oh Suzy. Just because I got a girlfriend doesn't mean I don't care about you anymore." he said, finally talking in a sympathetic tone.
Without even looking, Suzy threw her tiny arms around Candace.
"I…I'm so sorry!" she apologized, meaning it from right down in her heart.
"And I forgive you" Candace told her, hugging Suzy back.
Jeremy kneeled down as well and calmed Suzy down along with Candace.
After she finally cried all her tears out, Candace tilted Suzy's head up, and as she saw her smile, she smiled back even bigger, this time not faking it.
Candace looked at Jeremy as she picked Suzy up in her arms.
"So does this mean-" she asked Jeremy.
"Yes, we're still together." he said.
They both kissed until they heard Suzy cry out from being squished in between them.
"Sorry about that" he said, tussling her hair, making her giggle.
He looked up at Candace, taking her free hand in both of his.
"And I'm sorry that I never believed you, broke your heart, and yelled at you yesterday." he told her.
She smiled, her eyes glistening in happiness.
"So long as we can still be together," she said to him.
"And this time without someone trying to split us apart" she said at Suzy, bouncing her up in her arm, making her giggle.
"I forgive you." she said to Jeremy, kissing him quickly as to not squish Suzy again.

As they walked out of his room, seeing Phineas and Ferb still on the couch, Candace turned around to face Jeremy, setting Suzy down, holding her hand.
"By the way, where did you get that video of what happened yesterday?" she asked.
"Well…" he said, looking past her at her brothers.
She turned around and saw Phineas holding something in his hand; a tiny little camera.
"You 'bugged' me?!" she said.
"You are so-" she began.
"BUSTED!" Suzy finished for her.
"That's our cue, Ferb!" Phineas said.
They both hopped off the couch and ran out the door.
Candace looked down at Suzy. Suzy nodded and they headed out the door, chasing after them.
Jeremy laughed.
"Aw, that's my girls" he said.
He then ran out the door himself after them, closing it as they all ran down the sidewalk.
this is a fanfiction based on [link]
by :icontoongrowner:

this is also practice for a certain crossover fanfiction I'm planning on uploading in November.
As to what crossover it is, let's just say "It's time to play the music! It's time to light the lights!"
And it's time for Phineas and Ferb to meet a certain set of celebritys on a famous "-show tonight!"
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