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I noticed the pairing Danny/Ember is very popular, and I instantly became a fan! And to any Danny/Sam fans all I have to say is: don't like it, don't read it!

Danny Fenton walked down the halls of Casper high. Many thoughts were clustered in his mind. But being 16, it happened.
It had been two years since he defeated Vlad Plasmius, revealed his secret to his parents and the whole world, and established peace with most of the ghosts within the ghost zone.
As he walked, he suddenly heard the bell ring. He braced himself for the usual 'stampede' of kids trying to get out for dismissal.

He met up with Tucker and Sam, smiles on both of their faces. Though Danny and Sam dated for almost 6 months at first, they soon realized that it wouldn't work out. They felt too much like siblings! But they still stayed close friends.
"TGIF" Tucker said, typing onto his newer, thinner, flashier PDA.
Sam groaned. "Quit talking text speak, it get's annoying!" she said, angrily.
"Seriously Tucker, we aren't on the phone, talk normal." Danny said, simply.
Tucker rolled his eyes "I'm too used to it," he said, holding up two fingers every time he said 'to'.
Sam slapped his fingers down "stop it, I mean it!"
Tucker stopped talking, and continued to text on his PDA.

The three friends split their ways, and went to their homes.
As Danny walked up the stairs to his room Jazz passed by him.
"Are you okay, Danny?" she asked, seeing the look on his face.
"Just tired" he replied, not wanting to tell her; she'd turn it into a whole big deal. But then again, it was.
You see, though many thoughts were cluttered in his mind, there was one big one that cluttered all guys minds; girls. But there was one girl in particular.
A certain ghost girl with fiery blue hair who was a great guitarist; Ember.
'How can I be thinking about her so much!' he thought to himself 'We're from two different worlds, besides, Sam and I just broke up!'
Then he smiled "but she is pretty…" he said out loud.
Then he slapped himself, hard!
"What am I saying" he said, crazily.
He sighed "I need some time to think."

He phased down through his floor, into the basement. He saw his parents working on yet ANOTHER gadget (but he knew it wasn't to hurt ghosts this time, since most were his friends.)
He turned invisible, and flew past them, into the ghost portal.
He flew through the ghost zone, greeting ghosts as he flew by.
"Hey, Technus" he said, floating by on his back.
"Yo, halfa!" he said, failing at another attempt to be 'hip'.
"Johnny, Kitty! How goes it lovebirds?" he said, pointing at them as they flew by on Johnny's motorcycle.
"It goes great, Danny-boy!" Johnny said, revving his engine, as if he was threatening him (he wasn't!) And they drove off, leaving a trail of blue flames.
Those blue flames reminded Danny of Ember again. He flew off, trying to escape the thought.

Soon Danny found himself around some floating rocks, with patches of grass and trees. It looked like this part was barren of ghosts, so he set himself around a rock with a big oak tree, and relaxed, enjoying the peace.
But it was soon interrupted by the sound of loud music. The blast from the sound was so loud that he was blasted him off the rock. He recomposed himself, and flew towards the source of the sound. Soon he happened upon a part of the ghost zone he hadn't seen before; a giant stadium, with even bigger amplifiers on the sides.
"Well there's only one guess who lives here…" he said.
He flew in, and saw Ember on the stage in the arena, but no one was in the crowd. He turned invisible, and flew further in, so he could hear what she was singing.
"You're so fine, I want you mine, you're so delicious!
I think about ya all the time, you're so addictive!
Don't you know what I could do to make you feel alright?
Don't pretend I think you know I'm damn precious!
And Hell Yeah, I'm the motherfucking princess!
I can tell you like me too and you know I'm right!" she sang, while she wailed on the guitar.
The she entered the bridge.
She's like so whatever!" she sang "And you could do so much better!"
"I think we should get together now!
And that's what everyone's talking about!"
And then the chorus.
"Hey! Hey! You! You!
I don't like your girlfriend!" she sang "No way! No way!
I think you need a new one!"
Hey! Hey! You! You!
I could be your girlfriend!"
Danny was impressed.
'She is a good singer' he thought to himself, still invisible,
But one Ember reached the chorus; she played her guitar so loud that it blew him to the back of the stadium wall. He hit it so hard that his powers deactivated, and he fell.
"Danny?" Ember said, and stopped playing.
She hopped off the stage, and walked over to him. He had fallen unconscious from the blow to the wall.
"Crap, just my luck!" she said to herself.
But Danny was already coming to.
He opened his eyes and looked up.
"What happened?" he asked, not recognizing who was in front of him.
Ember put a hand on her hip "you were blown unconscious from my solo and hit the wall."
His vision cleared and when he could see her he said "sorry for interrupting…"
She smiled pleasantly and said "no prob, dipstick!" and held a hand out to help him up.
He took the hand gratefully, and reactivated his powers. Ember began to walk back up to the stage and Danny followed her.
He glanced around and asked her "you live here?"
She shook her head "nah, I just come here to think, or for some peace and quiet, or so no one yells at me for being too loud on my guitar."
She turned around and asked "Speaking of which; what're you doing here?"
He shrugged "I wanted some peace and quiet so I could think, but I was blasted away from where I was by your giant amplifiers."
She smiled apologetically and said "sorry about that, Technus made them, and the volume doesn't work that well."
Her guitar flew into her hands and she began to strum a few chords.
She sat on the edge of the stage and asked "so you wanted some peace and quiet to think, huh? Is high school that stressful?"
Danny gave a slight nod 'that, and a whole bunch of other things!"
Ember sighed; she could tell this guy needed a listening ear, even if he didn't say. The only thing she couldn't figure out was why she was so intent on listening. She liked him as a friend and all, but it was kinda weird for her to like someone who was alive (or at least, half-alive.)
She rolled her eyes and patted next to her and said "sit down"
Danny nodded, and sat next to her.
Ember set her guitar on the other side and asked "You need someone to talk to? Cause' I'll listen, since I got nothing to do…"
Danny cocked his eyebrow, glancing at her.
"Why do you care?" he asked, confused.
She rolled her eyes "we're friends, dipstick, should I really have a better reason than that?"
Danny stood up straighter "that's good enough for me."
He leaned on one hand and said "ever since I revealed my secret to the world, I just get so stressed out, and things clutter up in my mind and I can't deal with them clearly!"
Ember nodded and said "it gets tough when you approach adulthood."
"I know, right! But every guy has the same issue as the biggest one that I'm dealing with." He said.
"And that one is…" Ember said, leaning on her hands, and kicking her feet.
Danny blushed slightly "girls."
Ember smiled slyly and asked "any girls in particular, lover boy?"
"Well of course there's Paulina" he said.
"The bitch who didn't like you until she figured out the other you" Ember said, putting up one finger.
Danny didn't even correct her, and continued.
"Valerie" he added.
"The former ghost hunter that hated you and loved all at once" She said, putting up another.
"Sam" he said.
"I thought you two broke up over a year ago?" she said, cocking her brow and crossing her arms.
"We did, but we're still friends." He said, sighing.
Ember glanced at him, and her eyes went wide, she had suddenly seen him in a new way. She had to admit the halfa was handsome, and he was really nice and sweet. She did really like him, but did he like her back?
'Well' she thought 'I might as well try!'
Ember scooted closer and said "is there any other girl that's on your mind?" she asked, hopefully.
He glanced at her, smiled, and said "there is one other…"
"Do I know her?" she asked, desperately hoping.
"Yes, very closely actually" He said, as she slowly leaned towards him.
Ember couldn't take it anymore. She grabbed Danny buy his shirt collar with one hand, and placed her other hand behind his head.
"Ember wh-" Danny said, but didn't get a chance to finish.
Ember pulled him closer to her, and planted a deep kiss on his lips. Danny didn't even fight it off, and kissed her back. Though both their lips and skin were cold, they both felt warm inside.
After a minute that lasted eternity they both stopped. They stared at each other in wide eyed disbelief.
"Did we just…" Danny trailed off.
Ember nodded slowly.
They were silent for a while and Danny said "How did you know?"
At first she didn't know what he was talking about, but then realized it and smirked and said "a girl knows Danny!"
"Well, that's kind of a stereo-" he was about to say, then said "Hey, that's the first time you called me by my name!"
"Well, what of it!" she said in a tough voice.
"I didn't even think you knew it." He said.
"What do ya mean, EVERYONE knows it!" she says.
"Well you're always calling me 'halfa' or 'dipstick' so I never really thought that you knew." He said.
"Well, I always did" she said, and put her head on his shoulder, smiling happily.
Danny smiled back. They chatted for a while, ignoring their kiss, and talked of basically nothing.
Later, Danny stood and said "thanks for the talk, Ember." He held out a hand and gave her a boost up.
"I'll see you later, baby-pop!" she said, and kissed his cheek, then she kicked her guitar up, and surfed off on top of it.
Danny flew off, a smile on his face.
"Looks like I got a new girlfriend." he said to himself. He knew things ahead were gonna get crazy!
well, its good to get this off my chest!

And trust me, there will be sequals!
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